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Automatic Blinds and Awnings


Blind Concepts is home to a diverse collection of automatic blinds that combine technique and style for a truly comfortable experience. With our automatic blinds, you get the opportunity to control the light and temperature of your space with just the press of a button. Our range of Somfy powered blinds offers comfort and security. Whether you require automatic awnings or an outdoor retractable awning, we have the best to offer you.

Elegant and practical, motorized awnings and blinds offer a range of advantages. The cordless feature enhances safety while the somfy remote control allows you to conveniently control all the blinds of your home. They make the perfect solution for hard to reach blinds. Moreover, with the wide options available, you no longer need to compromise on the appearance of the blind. With our stunning selection, you are sure to find a blind that complements the look of your space and enhances its appeal.

At Blind Concepts, it is our aim to offer a fulfilling experience to all our clients with our smooth shopping experience. Our expert team will help you select a blind that exactly suits the need of your space. Get in touch with us today to know more about Somfy motorized blinds.

Check out the video of Blind Installation:

  • Verosol Pleated Blind Installation
  • Black Roller Blinds Installation

Verosol Pleated Blind Installation

Black Roller Blinds Installation